Monday, 3 April 2017

Why we choose Yoga Mudras - Procedure and Benefits

Before doing asanas, meditation, exercises one should be with clear stomach. Yoga mudra helps to do that. They will become healthy and more energetic throughout the whole day. Both the ankles and the large intestine are pressed together so that the chronic constipation will be cured. Yoga mudras clears the constipation problem and removes the stress also.

Yoga Mudras – Procedure:

·        Sit in Padmasana, put your palms on the two heels and close the fingers. Sit straight and deeply inhale.
·        Bend to your front by slowly exhaling and your nose should touch the floor. Be ten to fifteen seconds in this state. Inhale and exhale as usual without any restriction.
·        Breathe normally. Stay in this position for 10 seconds.
·        While read about this asana, it looks like an easiest one. But this asana is not an easiest asana for doing.
If you practice yoga mudra, your fatty tummy will be reduced. The fatty tummy is the main reason for the diabetes & many other decease. The fatty tummy will be reduced fully by the regular practice of yogamudras and they will become younger.

Benefits of Yoga mudras:

·        The digestive organs will become strong.
·        Their work will become fast.
·        The intestines will work properly.
·        Stomach pain and dysentery will run out away.
·        No need to worry about the lung disease.


The ladies who is in pregnant can practice up to only two months. After that they can practice one month without put your hands in centre of your stomach. The beginners should not practice this asana at the time of pregnant. You can sit only in Padmasana.