Friday, 8 September 2017

Ashirvad Mudra – Steps, Benefits, Duration and Precautions

Youngsters touching the feet of elders with crossed hands is considered very auspicious in India. This is called the Ashirvad  Mudra. The elders respond by giving their blessings in the form of the Ashirvad Mudra.

Step: This Mudra is formed by keeping both palms on the head of the person performing the Namaskar Mudra.

Effect: When the youngsters bow and touch the feet with crossed hands, the blood circulation to their head is increased. When they touch the feet of elders with crossed hands, positive energy and negative energy of both sides get activated.


·    During the act of Ashirvad, the positive and negative energy of the two hands touch the two hemispheres of the brain as well as the crown Chakra of the person performing the Namaskar
·    The youngsters as well as the elders are benefited by this and are energized

·    There is a positive and happy feeling that grows in both of them who performs the Namaskar and who blesses with Ashirvad.

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