Thursday, 7 September 2017

Ashwini Mudra Practice and Its Benefits in Yoga | Mudra Science

The basic technique for the Ashwini Mudra is pretty simple, but it nevertheless is powerful and makes the mudra one of the essential parts of many internal yoga practices, such as mula bandha or viparita karani mudra; it is not uncommon to see practice of ashwini mudra and vajroli mudra done together.

How To Do Ashwini Mudra:
  •   Close the eyes and relax the whole body.
  • ·  Become aware of the natural breathing process for a few   minutes, and then take the awareness to the anus.
  • ·Contract the sphincter muscles of the anus for a few seconds without straining, then relax them for a few seconds.
  • ·Try to confine the action to the anal area. Repeat the practice for as long as possible.  Contraction and relaxation should     be performed smoothly and rhythmically. Gradually make the contractions more rapid.

Effect: Blood circulation to the renal part becomes proper and it attains health. Vitality increases manifold.

  •    This Mudra helps in attaining power and vitality
  • ·  Ashwini Mudra successfully avoids and cures diseases associated with piles and                 constipation
  • ·  It also relieves problems caused by gas
  • ·  Renal part is maintained healthy
  • ·  During pregnancy this Mudra eases child birth
  • ·  Old age is arrested due to activation of Mooladhara Chakra.

Time Duration: You can repeat it 3-5 times or as much as you want – just don’t overstress yourself, as the balance is the key to success in everything.

Precautions: it can be siddhasana or vajrasana; you can even use sukhasana as an ashwini mudra asana.

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