Thursday, 7 September 2017

Sandhi Mudra in Yoga – Steps and Benefits

This Mudra relieves joint pain. This Mudra is formed differently by each hand. That is called Sandhi Mudra.

  •       Right hand – Join the thumb finger tip and ring finger tip together.
  • ·     Left hand – Join the thumb finger tip and middle finger tip together.
  • ·     This Mudra helps in balancing energy in the joints.

Effect: Space is balanced between the cartilage and the joint muscles. This Mudra also provides calcium.

  •       Pain experienced while climbing down after a long hike is pacified
  • ·     Resolves tiredness in the elbows after the long hours of work on a computer
  • ·     This Mudra helps relieve pain in the hip joints and knee joints due to Arthritis
  • ·     For people suffering from chronic pain in the joints, this Mudra resolves the pain by persistent effort.

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