Thursday, 7 September 2017

Kubera Mudra – How To Do Steps And Benefits | Mudra Science

It is a surprise moment for me that when I first heard about Kubera Mudra. I was wondering how it is possible to earn wealth through a mudra. But when I gone through the details, I came to know that it is the mudra to increase your intent of your desires. In India Kubera is the god of wealth. Hence, the name of the Mudra becomes Kubera Mudra or wealth mudra.

  • Touch the tip of your thumb, index finger and middle finger together.
  • ·Bend the other two fingers in toward the middle of your hand.
  • ·Do this with both hands.
  • ·Hold for several minutes and repeat 2-3 times throughout the day.

Effects: Joining the tips of the middle and index fingers to the tip of the thumb balances the blood pressure.

General health is enhanced as the tips of the little and ring finger touch the pressure points of Solar plexus, Adrinal gland and Kidneys.

  •    Focuses and concentrates energy for something strongly desired.
  • ·  Puts powerful strength behind future plans (goals and what you want fulfilled)
  • ·  Confidence, calmness and peacefulness
  • ·  It can also be used to find something (lost object, parking spot, etc.)
  • ·  Physically, it opens and decongests the frontal sinuses
  • ·  A wish may be self-centered but is fulfilled only if it brings happiness in the surroundings and in the society
  • ·  This Mudra also helps in day to day matters like selecting a book, certain dress or looking for specific information.

Time Duration: No particular time duration for this Kubera Mudra. You can practice while sitting, standing or lying on a bed whenever and wherever you have time.

Caution: Nothing at all. Perform this freely.

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