Thursday, 7 September 2017

Khechari Mudra in Yoga – Steps, Benefits and Time Duration

The Kechari Mudra is believed to be a yogic gesture that helps the performer achieves a heightened state of knowledge. It is one of the most uncommon yoga practices, perhaps because it feels a bit too strange even for those who practice yoga regularly.

  • Roll your tongue backwards, so that its tip can touch the     uvula situated at the back of your mouth
  • Roll your tongue backwards so that it enters the nasal cavity   placed above your soft palate
  • Breathe in and produce a snoring sound from the back of     your throat and then exhale

Effect: This Mudra activates the Bindu Chakra which secrets a sweet juice called ‘Ambrocia – the nectar of Gods’. In Vedas it is called ‘Somras’ which falls on Vishuddhi Chakra and reaches Swadhishthana Chakra where it is absorbed.

  •     By performing this Mudra body becomes radiant and provides energy for procreation.
  • · If practiced regularly, it is believed to give ones voice a pleasant tone.
  • · It is said to give the face a pleasant glow, and reduces the accumulation of fat on the                    abdomen. It is said to free the mind of anger, ego, attachment, desire, aversion and hatred
  • · It Increases energy and vitality
  • · Kechari mudra helps the practitioner to attain Samadhi or the super-conscious state.
  • · Kechari Mudra is considered the king among all
       the mudras and is given great importance in all the ancient yogic texts.

Time Duration: Initially one may be able to keep it for less than a minute. When the tongue starts to pain.

Precautions: This requires the guidance from an expert yogi who is accomplished in the art of Kechari Vidya. Do not attempt it by yourself.

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