Thursday, 7 September 2017

Shakti Mudra - How To Do And Steps Benefits | Mudra Science

Shakti Mudra is a hand gesture which ensures numerous mental as well as physical advantages. The word “Shakti” means empowerment or power and “Mudra “is a form of expression by using the fingers of both hands. It is good for triggering sound sleep and relaxation. This Shakti Mudra helps those suffering from insomnia by fighting psychological stress and relaxing the body.

  • You need to place your ring and little finger together in one position.
  • ·Next, you need to place your thumb in the palm.
  • ·Now, bend other fingers (middle and index) loosely and gradually over your thumb.
  • ·Make sure that both your hands involved in this gesture.
  • ·Next, you have to focus on your breathing in the pelvis area.
  • ·Slow down your exhalation gradually.

Effect: There is a calming effect on the pelvic region because of the bent thumbs, index and middle fingers.

  •    Creates a pleasant relaxation in the pelvic region
  • ·  Counteracts spasms in the intestines and menstrual pains
  • ·  Relieves prostate gland problems.
  • ·  Increases the depth of respiration in the lower chest area
  • ·  Helps fall asleep at night
  • ·   Slow urination is rectified.
  • ·   This mudra also helps to increase the mental and physical energy.
  • ·   This mudra calms the mind and the nervous system.
  • ·   Shakti Mudra also prevents spasms in the intestines in a male body.

Time Duration: Shakti Mudra can be done three times a day for around 12-15 minutes.

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