Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How to do Surya Mudra: Steps and Benefits

Surya means – the Sun. Surya Mudra generates heat in the body like Sun. This is achieved by covering up the ring finger which represents the earth element with your thumb which represents the fire element.


  • ·       Stand or sit up straight.
  • ·       Hold your hands out in front of you.
  • ·       Bend the ring finger of each hand so that its tip touches the mound of your thumb.
  • ·       Press down on your ring finger with your thumb.
  • ·       Ensure that the other fingers are spread out straight.
  • ·       The Surya Mudra can be practiced for 45 minutes at a stretch or this can be divided into three sessions of 15 minutes each.

Effect: The element Agni is associated with body temperature and metabolism. Practice of Surya Mudra helps to maintain the body temperature and keeps the metabolism going. Hence this Mudra strengthens eyes and improves vision.


  • ·        Abnormally low body temperature
  • ·        Coldness of skin
  • ·        Coldness of body limbs hands and feet
  • ·        Shivering
  • ·        Absence of sweating
  • ·        High cholesterol in the blood
  • ·        obesity
  • ·        Overweight
  • ·        Loss of appetite
  • ·        Indigestion
  • ·        Constipation
  • ·        Digestive problems

Time Duration: Regular practice of 30 minutes is enough to get maximum benefits of Surya mudra; you can do it any time or any position. Early hour of the morning or when you are in meditation is the best choice to get the best result.

Side Effects: The practice of this mudra increases fire element within the body. It will lead to increase body temperature. If you are having a fever don’t do this mudra. It reduces fat element within the body if you are underweight don’t do this mudra. Also, don’t do this mudra in summer or hot conditions. It increases Pitta humor and decreases Kapha humor.

Precautions: If you are a Pitta excess or Kapha deficient person then do this mudra in moderation only. These are the things you should consider to get all the benefits of Surya mudra.

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