Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Yoni Mudra – How To Do And Benefits

This Mudra is specially designed for women. The posture of this Mudra is held at the level of abdomen.

The Yoni Mudra helps to completely detach from the chaos of the outer world and quiet the mind. Its name is derived from the word Yoni, which means "uterus", because like a baby in the uterus, the practitioner has no external contact with the world and, therefore, no externalization of consciousness.

  • · Place your thumbs in the ear close to your ear holes.
  • · Close your eyelids by placing your index fingers on them.
  • · Push your middle finger on the either sides of your                      nostrils.
  • ·  Press your lips together with the remaining fingers
  • ·  Release your middle finger but keep inhaling and exhaling.
Effect:  As the thumbs and index fingers touch each other they reflect volume of heat and air waves. Other fingers remain interlocked would solve the problems of the womb.

  •  From the age of about thirteen girls have their periods and they get pain in the lower abdomen. Performing this Mudra only for 5-10 minutes relieves the pain
  • · Scanty or excess bleeding will be regulated
  • · Practicing this Mudra every day for 10 minutes followed by Prana Mudra will solve the                 menopause related problems.
  • · It is very useful for get rid of stress and depression.
  • · Balance the nervous system.
  • · Keep you always relax and rejuvenation of mind and soul.
  • · It is very helpful to develop the mental peace.
  • · Gives spiritual calmness and peace to your heart and mind.
Time Duration: No particular time duration for this mudra. You can practice while sitting, whenever and wherever you have time.

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