Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Vayu Mudra: How to do Steps and Benefits

Vayu Mudra is associated with healthy lifestyle. If you practice it for a longer time then this will improve your health system is the long run. To decrease the Vayu element perform Vayu Mudra and attain balance.

Vayu Mudra Steps:

  • ·        Press the tip of each index finger onto the mound of your thumb.
  • ·        Fold your thumb so that it presses down lightly on the bent index finger.
  • ·        The other fingers should be held straight.

Effect: Excess Vayu is decreased, blood circulation improves and any area of the body experiencing pain starts getting relief.


  • ·        Regulates and balances the air element within your body.
  • ·        Heals and treats you against any air imbalance diseases.
  • ·        Reduces extra wind from stomach and body.
  • ·        Tightens and strengthen chest.
  • ·        Relives you against chest pains.
  • ·        Immune your body against cold and cough.
  • ·        It is also very useful against paralysis.
  • ·        It also helps against any crack or disorder in neck.
  • ·        By yawning or by burping the Vayu problem gets resolved.

Duration for Vayu mudra practice: Daily practice of 30 to forty-five minutes is enough to get best results. You can do Vayu mudra any time or in any pose. It is recommended that early hours in the morning or while meditation to get quick results.

Precautions: Don’t do this mudra after you got the desired results.

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