Thursday, 7 September 2017

Power and Benefits of Dhyana Mudra - Steps and Duration

This Mudra is important for one to achieve spiritual progress through meditation. To develop a deep concentration skills and builds his/her ability to focus within. But most of us are not aware why to do Dhyana, Dhyana Mudra is one of the Mudra which will eliminate our main problems like stress, insomnia and even controls our anger.

  • ·Put together of your hands in your lap. Hands    must form the shape of bowls
  • ·Left hand must lie in the right hand plus both  thumbs should touch each other.
  • ·This is the customary meditation pose.
  • ·The two hands shaped into a bowl shaped into a  bowl shape show which we are privately freed,  pure, plus empty so as to receive the whole  thing that we require on our spiritual path.
  • ·As here is no bare space in the universe plus the whole thing is full of some slight energy. This    void made by our hands will turn into new empty space moreover will get filled by new energy.
  • ·In this rumination posture, bareness is brought to mind by Dhayana mudra, this way, your mind is selfish at the point of time. In common, this is very difficult. Our mind is forever wandering among the pools of opinion.

Effect: The palm contains heart related nerve centers and the back of the hand contains the spine related nerve centers. So, placing the palms one upon the other, activate the centers of heart, lungs, pancreas and kidneys on one hand and spinal nerve points on the other.

  • · It cools the mind plus helps it to get the stage of rudeness.
  • · Dhyana mudra assists to think in thought.
  • · Dhyana Mudra helps to progress in meditation; and the meditator gets pure thoughts and           attain peace
  • · This Mudra strengthens the muscles in the body. Blood circulation becomes normal.

Time Duration: No particular time duration for this dhyana mudra. You can practice while sitting, standing or lying on a bed whenever and wherever you have time.

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