Friday, 8 September 2017

Kidney Mudra in Yoga - How to do, Duration and Precautions

This Mudra cures kidney disorders. This has the same qualities like Jalodara Nashaka Mudra. Mudras start electromagnetic currents within the body which balance various constituting elements and restore health. If you are new to mudras, then follow the methods to know more details like, how to do, benefits and precautions. That is called Kidney Mudra.

Steps: The little finger and the ring finger tips are to be placed at the base of the thumb and Thumb should be placed over the two fingers.

Effect: Water content is reduced and heat is increased.

  •  The problem of running nose and watering of eyes is cured
  • ·Throat pain is pacified immediately
  • · Problems of phlegm in the throat and the lungs is cured
  • · Helps in curing kidney related problems
  • · Helps in curing Dropsy
  • · Loose motion is cured immediately.

Time Duration: Mudra can be practiced at all the times while sitting, lying, standing, walking or even talking. For good results should be practiced for 24 minutes continuously and extend up to 45 minutes is desirable.

Precaution: Discontinue this Kidney Mudra once the ailment is cured.

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